**WINNER** of the 2019 Linda Bowen Full Frontal Pick of the Fringe.

CRITIC’S PICK. “It's clear that director Bridget Leak, along with playwright Tatum, are masters at storytelling.” ~Mackenzie Manley, City Beat

“ZOINKS! is riotously funny, but it doesn’t shy away from stark realism.” ~Zack Moning, Arts Wave Guide

“ZOINKS! is smart, outrageously funny, and well-produced.” ~Kirk Sheppard, The

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"This is one of those shows that sneak up on you . . . like me, I bet you will also be shark-bit by the wit, the tenderness, and the brilliant writing." ~Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic

"It's remarkable theatre, done by remarkable people." ~The Artfuls



**WINNER** of the 2018 Linda Bowen Full Frontal Pick of the Fringe. 

His storytelling and emotional connection to the work is only strengthened by the direction of Bridget Leak. I really enjoy her eye for connecting the words to physical movement in a way that complements the work, without it becoming distracting or overwrought. ~Rob Buchner, Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

Critics Pick ~City Beat

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“...it packs a solid wallop, magnifying the emotions to an excruciating level.

~David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer

“...the direction was spot on."

~Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic

“Leak’s staging of three actors on what otherwise is a bare stage is specific and sometimes surprising in the strength of her images. Leak does a marvelous job of visualizing the multiple moments in time. Trust me, it works."  

~ Ed Cohen, City Beat Critic's Pick

“Bridget Leak challenges the audience with time shifts, surrealism and a swirl of narrative and character portrayals delivered by three young actresses. As the brisk show reaches its apex, Slut Shaming delivers its most powerful message - that women have the power to control their own narratives." 

~Matt Peiken, WCPO



"Director Bridget Leak choreographs the play wonderfully, focusing the ebbs and flows of the language and action with polished precision."

~Sheldon Polonsky, League of Cincinnati Theatres

"Bridget Leak, one of the best directors in Cincinnati’s indie theater scene."

~Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts


"Director Bridget Leak continues to impress with her inventive staging and clear vision for the engaging script."

~Rob Buchner, Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

"Director Bridget Leak stages the show with panache..."

~Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic



"And Bridget Leak’s direction graces it with an always-present sense of Gothic creepiness."

~David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer

"Director Bridget Leak elicits strong performances from all three actors. The pacing is solid, yet she allows some quieter moments to appropriately linger."

~Rob Buchner, Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

"Director Bridget Leak is tasked of guiding her cast through the layers of text, helping them pace their emotion alongside the telling of story.  And she has to do this while constraining her imaginative playwright husband’s vision in the confines of what’s possible. They are quite a duo."

~Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic





"...director Bridget Leak keeps actors moving around and in front of Hungerford’s tightly wound set. The Chorus, confined to a single bench, feel animated even when sleeping. "

~Erica Reid, City Beat




"The staging by Bridget Leak is engaging;

the action moves with the story – a story of time travel and trauma.  

It’s a must see."

~ Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic




“...and director Bridget Leak has given the piece continuity and flow."

~ Rick Pender, City Beat

It’s exhausting. And exhilarating. And heartbreaking."

~David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer



“...an interesting and well-formed production, carried out with style." 

~ Rick Pender, City Beat


“...trust me- the buildup is worth it."

— Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic